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2013 Junior Prospects Camp

April 18-21, 2013  To be held at The Forum @ Fishers   in Fishers, IN.
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“Thanks for the great camp, very pleased with the interest and offers received”

“The camp exceeded my expectations.  The level of play was great and the presence of coaches and scouts was great.”

“Excellent, don’t change a thing!”

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Camp Alumni
College Committmentss
Five Hole Camp alumni recent college committments:
Jarrett Pfeiffer-Williston State
Preston Hodge-Nebraska-Omaha
Eddie Osowski - Becker
Anthony Beaumont - Buffalo State
Collin O’Neil - Neumann
Jared Fielden - Kent State
Tanner Jones - UMASS Boston
Derek Rhame - Ohio
Tyler Beasley - Northland
Alex Haygood - Western Michigan
David Chiokadze - Salve Regina
Cory Gurski - Buffalo State
Nick Noto - Northland
Ryan Patsch - Curry

Camp Alumni News

Camp Alum Commits to UNO
Congratulations to Preston Hodge, a two-time Five Hole Camp participant who will be playing his college hockey at the University of Nebraska-Omaha!
2012 Camp Participant Signs NAHL Tender
Trevor Recktenwaold a 2012 Five Hole Camp Participant and member of the Pittsburgh Viper Stars recently signed a tender with the Johnstown Tomahawks of the NAHL. Way to go Trevor!
Camp Alum Commits to Buffalo State
Congratulations to Anthony Beaumont, a Five Hole Camp Alum who will be playing his college hockey at Buffalo State!
More Camp Alumni Sign NAHL Tenders
Congratulations to former Five Hole Camp participants Ron Lindgren and Alexander Berardinelli who recently signed NAHL tenders. Lindgren has signed with the Amarillo Bulls and Berardinelli signed with Michigan Warriors!
Five Hole Hockey 2012-13

Player Profile Service:  Helping you make a great first impression!

Are you an athlete looking to take your game to the next level? No matter what sport you play, making a great first impression when contacting a coach or scout is a critical component of your success.   Our profile service is designed to help you make a great fisrt impression!

A professionally created Player Profile is a key component to any athlete’s promotional strategy:

  • It concisely communicates the information a coach or scout needs.
  • It highlights the items that make you unique.
  • It distinguishes you from the crowd.
  • You only get one chance to make a first impression...make it count!

The reality is that coaches and scouts cannot possibly see all of the talented players out there.  Don’t wait for someone to find you...let us help you find them! 

How Our Player Profile Service Can Help You:
Our service was introduced in early 2011 specifically to help ice hockey players due to the breadth and variety of potential playing opportunities.  We designed it using input from current coaches and scouts to ensure that it helped our players make a great first impression.  Since that time, we have created hundreds of profiles and we received outstanding feedback from players, parents, coaches, and scouts.  Due to the success we have seen our clients have in hockey, we are branching out in 2012 to include other sports.  No matter what game you play, we can create a Player Profile for you!

A Little Perspective:
Most coaches at advanced levels of sports (junior, college, etc) are contacted by dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of intrerested potential players in a given year.  The key to peaking their interest in you is presenting yourself in a professional manner and giving them the info they need. 

In the summer of 2012 we received this feedback from a client’s father:  previously we had contacted many coaches and scouts via email in the hope of sparking interest and creating some new potential opportunites.  The majority of these efforts went unanswered.  Since we began using the profile and materials you created for us, it is rare that we don’t receive a reply from a coach or scout that we initiate contact with.  Your efforts and service have helped us generate a lot of potential interest.

A well constructed and profesionally presented Player Profile makes a difference!

For just $50, We Will Create Your Profile Package Consisting Of:

  • Personalized Player Profile, professional in appearance in electronic format.
  • Personalized Cover Letter/Email Writing Resource in electronic format.
  • A mid-season update.

Profile  FAQs:

Profile Service Menu(
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Ordering Instructions

Order Form

Why is it important to have a profile?
In many cases, a profile represents a coach or scout’s first contact with a player.  Coaches and scouts receive profiles from interested potential players throughout the year.  Many times a coach or scout will receive a profile from a player they have not yet seen or are not familiar with and use the information that the profile provides to decide whether or not they want to begin to see/pursue a player.  Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you make a great first impression.  Our Player Profile Service is a great tool that any player can use to make an outstanding first impression and put themselves on the radar with teams.
What does your Profile Service consist of?
Our Player Profile Service consists of 3 key components:
  1. A comprehensive, personalized, and professionally designed player profile that is unique to each player.  Each profile is delivered in electronic format.
  2. A Cover Letter/E-mail Writing resource that is personalized and unique to each player; also delivered in electronic format.
  3. A mid-season update..
Is this an Advisory Service?
No.  This service does not entail any advisory or agent relationship.  It simply provides players with professional quality tools which they can use to efficiently and effectively market themselves to the teams of their choosing.
At what age is it important for a player to have a profile?
Any player that is thinking about exploring opportunities at higher levels of the game can use a profile.  Whether you are currently looking for a team to play for or are gathering ideas for a year or two down the road, a high quality profile can be a very useful tool for you to use as you express your interest to teams and correspond with coaches.  Additionally, our Directories are designed to help players and parents expand their horizons and learn more about the many varied opportunities that may be available.
I already have a profile, how can your service help me?
Our years of experience has shown that most profiles fall short of providing a coach or scout with all of the information they need.  Our service was designed using input from current coaches and scouts and focuses on providing the necessary information in a clear, concise, and professional manner.  A profile, in many cases, provides an organization with their first impression of you, it is important that you make the most of that opportunity.  Most coaches and scouts don’t have time to fill in any “blank spots” your profile may have nor do they have the time to read through an extensive document.  Our service eliminates these concerns and delivers a concise, professional profile thereby helping players make a great first impression.  Additionally, you control who sees your profile.  We give you the tools to distribute so you don’t have to wait for a coach or scout to find it on the online!
Do I need to have a new profile made every year?
No.  Once we deliver your initial profile package, you can simply contact Five Hole Hockey and request an annual update.  All updates are done for a small fee.  You do not have to re-order each year.
IHow long from the time of order until I receive my Profile package?
Once we receive your payment, we will email to you a detailed Player Questionnaire.  Upon receipt of your completed Questionnaire, our commitment is to deliver the completed Profile Package within 7 business days or less.  Rush orders can be made when available.



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