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Future Stars Program
Started in 2013 to help develop  tomorrows stars!  2016 marks the fourth consecutive year of our off season development program.  Our Future Stars Summer Program focuses on teaching and developing fundamental skills in every player, fosters competition, and grows a passion for the game in players ages 5-10.  Our program is open to any player in this age range from any organization.

Our coaches have a passion for the game of hockey and love to teach it. That’s the key to the program’s success!

Our Commitment: We believe that these young players are truly the future of our game and we strive to give them a solid fundamental base from which they can grow and build.  We will emphasize teaching and development.  We will treat each player with respect and focus our efforts on helping each player become the best they can be!

Purpose: Development!  Our focus is on helping young players of all ability levels continue to learn and develop essential hockey skills during the off season.  We emphasize teaching and while we foster and encourage teamwork, the purpose of the program is to develop each player’s unique skill set and their hockey knowledge during the off-season.

Registration & Schedules: Details on our 2016 programs posted below.  Tentative schedules will be posted in late January 2016 below as well.  Please scroll down the page and see the menu on the right for details just click the button for the program you are interested in .

Programs:  We will offer 3 unique programs in 2016.   Each program will have regular on ice sessions during the summer months.  Most importantly our programs are designed to help players  acquire and master skills and foster competition in a fun, challenging, small group setting.  Read on for details!

Registration Forms & Schedules: Please see the links @ the bottoms of the page on the right.   A tentative schedule will be out by late January 2016.

NEW  2016 Advanced Training Program:  12 Sessions       May - August 2016
This program is designed to help elite level U10 players  prepare for the upcoming season.  Each session will start with 45 minutes of off-ice training followed by one hour of on-ice training.  Space in this program is very limited as it is designed to consist of a small group of players.  This program focuses on:
  • Learning basic off-ice training and conditioning methods.
  • Development of Hockey Knowledge - teaching situational awareness and options.
  • Skill Development - enhancing skills through maximum repetitions.
  • Decision Making - learning how to make decisions on the ice at speed and under pressure.
  • Speed - this program will be up tempo and emphasize speed in all on ice drills.
  • Team Concepts - offense, defense, transition play.
  • Learning how to practice with intensity and purpose.
NEW  2016 U10 Skating & Puck Skills:  7 Sessions             June - August 2016
This program is designed  for U10 players to continue their development.  It is designed to take place in a small group setting with lots of teaching and repetitions. The program focuses exclusively on developing  skating and puck skills.  These are the 2 key areas of the game that young players need to become proficient in as they grow and advance in the game.
  • Learning Proper Technique - Maximizing skills through proper form.
  • Repetitions - The key to becoming proficient and building confidence.
  • Skating - Stride, form, balance, footwork, acceleration, edges
  • Puck Handling - Puck protection techniques
  • Passing & Receiving - Learning the right pass for the situation
  • Shooting - Shooting to score in a variety of situations
2016 Future Stars Summer Program:  7 Sessions                June - August 2016
This program focuses on U8  players.  It is designed to take place in a small group setting allowing us to teach and challenge the players in an appropriate manner thereby maximizing the benefit they receive. This program is well-rounded and focuses on the fundamental skills of hockey:
  • Skating - stride, balance, turning, and stopping
  • Puck Skills - stickhandling, passing, shooting techniques
  • Development of Basic Hockey Knowledge - Learning how to play the game.
  • Technique - teaching young players proper form to maximize success.
  • Fun - Our goal is to make learning the game fun for all!
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Program Details, Schedules & Registration Info

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